Pregnancy Test Kit

What is pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test is used to determine whether it's possible for someone to be expecting. If the results are positive, that means you are pregnant; otherwise, negative means no pregnancy has taken place. Testing for pregnancy also detects human gonadotropin chorionic (HCG), an hormone produced when you become pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Kit Description:

The Prega News Test Kit is an efficient and accurate way to determine if you're pregnant - from home. Couples trying to conceive will find this kit invaluable in quickly receiving confirmation of their pregnancy. 

Prega News offers a fast pregnancy testing kit, taking only 5 minutes to check your pregnancy status. Get accurate results in only five minutes with their Pregnancy Test Card! This pregnancy test kit is designed to allow you to test pregnancy outcomes from the comfort of your own home with just three drops of urine sample. 

With an empty sample bottle and result window, it makes using and reading results a breeze - you can quickly determine whether or not you're pregnant within minutes!

Pregnancy Test Kit Key Benefits:

Prega News' results are almost always correct, with an accuracy rate of 95% and 99% respectively (if the test was done too late in pregnancy it could give an error; in such cases you should repeat the test at a later date). With over 25 years in business, its commitment to accuracy continues unwavering.

With just 3 drops of urine, one can quickly determine if they're pregnant or not within 5 minutes.

Test results should always be confirmed with an in-lab test. Home pregnancy testing provides a convenient way to get an early indication of your pregnancy status.

Specifications and Features of the Product:

The detection card includes absorbent paper and a sample well as well as the window that displays results.

  • This well will be where urine will be filled in.
  • The window displays test results in pink lines.
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), the hormone found in urine, helps you confirm if you're expecting a baby.

How To Utilize Pregnancy Test Kit

  • At the start of each day, collect one drop of urine into an empty container.
  • Drop several drops of the sample into each well of the kit for testing.
  • Take five minutes before reading your results.
  • A positive pregnancy test will yield one pink line, and the result cannot be confirmed until further testing.
  • If two lines of pink appear that indicate a positive result, then your pregnancy has been confirmed.
  • If only a dark line and one line of pink are visible, that indicates there was not enough HCG identified to give an accurate result. Try again at a later time.

It is essential to perform the test prior to beginning your initial urinary cycle in the morning, as this will provide the most precise results.

Utilizes To determine if a woman is pregnant or not. Are you curious to know your Prega News result at home? Here are the steps to take

  • After five minutes, you must review your Easy Read Result Window of the device that was tested.
  • If you observe a light pink line on the T, this could indicate that pregnancy hormones have not yet been detected enough to confirm an actual pregnancy.
  • If you observe two distinct pink lines - one on each corner - it is confirmed that you are pregnant.
  • However, if the C is only visible with one pink line, then this isn't what you were expecting.

Storage :

Prior to using the Prega News Pregnancy test kit, it must be stored in a cool and dry area.

Keep your plants out of direct sunlight and in a space that is not humid. Don't store it for too long; it is recommended to use it soon after purchase.

Security Information

  • Please remove the kit from your bathroom after each use.
  • Be sure to discard products after their expiration dates, as you may not get accurate results.
  • If you are uncertain of your results, take another test with a different kit.
  • Always double-check your results using an expert laboratory test. 
    Be sure to read all instructions prior to using.


What hormone levels are tested during a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests detect an increase in HCG levels. HCG levels rise rapidly during the initial months of gestation, nearly doubling every couple of days during this timeframe. Within the placenta itself - which only pregnant women possess - HCG is produced shortly after fertilized egg attachment to uterine wall.

When Should I Get an Ultrasound to Determine If I Am Pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant, a pregnancy test is recommended to be sure. Home pregnancy tests vary in terms of how early they will detect a pregnancy; in many cases, positive tests can be detected up to 10 days post conception with proper timing. To get more accurate results, wait until after your period hasn't returned before taking the exam. It is important to remember that testing too soon may result in negative results even if you are actually pregnant - should one test yield negative results but then another attempt should be taken.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

For optimal accuracy, timing your test should be when you first pee in the morning. However, certain pregnancy tests can be sensitive enough to detect HCG at any time of day; if possible, wait three hours after last peeing before taking the test. Furthermore, taking two tests for pregnancy makes sure both results are identical.

What is the earliest pregnancy test that will show positive?

This depends on which test type you use. Home pregnancy tests could potentially detect pregnancy even before you've missed your period, so for accurate results it's best to wait until after that.

How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests?

On average, pregnancy tests are 99% accurate when used properly.

What is the most common false result in pregnancy test results?

False negatives or false positives, also referred to as inaccurate negatives or false positives, typically arise due to incorrect testing procedures. Testing too early may lead to a false negative; at home you could also get an inaccurate result by taking too much or too little urine for analysis. It's essential that you adhere strictly to all instructions on your kit in order to guarantee accurate results.