Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive

A Plan B can be a second option that can help stop pregnancy before it begins. It should be taken within 72 hours after an unprotected sex, or in the event of a birth-control failure. 

Certain women who take Plan B One-Step may have changes in their menstrual cycle including bleeding or spotting prior to they have their first period. When your cycle is more than one week late, you could be expecting. Test for pregnancy and then consult your medical professional.

If you have a bowel obstruction within two hours after the administration of Plan B speak with your doctor to determine whether you need to take the same dose again.

Levonorgestrel is commonly used by women to avoid pregnancy following the failure of birth control (such as a damaged condom) or a sex that is not protected. 

Using this drug will not prevent a pregnancy from occurring or safeguard the partner or you from sexually transmitted infections (such like HIV, the gonorrhea virus, chlamydia).

This pill may not be effective for women’s who are over an amount of weight (for instance, more than one hundred pounds or 74 kilograms) or if you've taken various other medications in the last month. 

 Discuss with your doctor for more information and to determine whether this medication is suitable for you (see the the Drug Interactions section).Check for the ingredient list on the label , even when you've used the medication before.

 The manufacturer could have changed the ingredients. Additionally, products that have similar names could contain various ingredients that are used for different uses. If you choose the wrong product, it could hurt your health.

How to use Plan B One-Step

If you're using an self-treatment medication available over the counter take note of all the directions on the package prior to beginning to take this medicine. 

If you have questions ask the doctor. If your doctor has prescribed this pill, you must take it according to the directions.

Consume 1 tablet via mouth or without meals as fast as you can following a sex session that is not protected. The best results are when it is consumed in the first of 72 hours (3 days) after sex that is not protected.

If you start vomiting within 2 hours after taking this medicine Contact your doctor to determine if you're required to take the medication again.

When you start taking this medication the time at which your period begins and the amount you bleed might change. Inform your doctor immediately in the event that your period is longer than seven days late. You might need to undergo a prenatal test.

Side Effects of plan B

The stomach may be painful, nausea fatigue, dizziness change in the vaginal swelling, bleeding from the breast or headache can be experienced. When any one of the symptoms persist or become worse consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Inform your doctor immediately if you experience severe side-effects for example: stomach discomfort (especially within 3 to five weeks following taking levonorgestrel).

An extremely serious allergic reaction to this medication is extremely rare. However, seek medical or doctor help immediately if you experience any sign of an allergic reaction. These include: swelling, itching or rash (especially of the mouth, tongue or face) and severe dizziness. difficulty breathing.

This isn't a complete list of all possible adverse effects. If you have other reactions that are not listed above, kindly consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Plan B One-Step Precautions 

Before taking levonorgestrel inform your doctor or pharmacist if you're allergic to it or any other medicines, as well as to any various hormones (such such as the norethindrone) or are allergic to any other substances. The product could have inactive ingredients, which could trigger allergic reactions or other complications. 

Before you start using this medicine inform your physician or pharmacist about your medical history, particularly of bleeding vaginal that isn't explained.

The drug could cause you to feel dizzy. Cannabis or alcohol (cannabis) may cause you to become dizzier. 

Reduce your intake of alcohol. Discuss with your doctor when you're using cannabis (cannabis).

This pill should not be taken during pregnancy. 

Safety Information

Don't take One-Step Plan B if you're already expecting (because it's not effective) or as a substitute for normal birth control. If you take it as directed it is reliable and safe.

 It's got levonorgestrel which is the same active ingredient in the majority of popular birth control pills but in a single, more powerful dosage. Certain women might suffer from side effects, such as periods that are lighter, heavier, or early or late lower abdominal cramps, nausea fatigue, headache and dizziness. 

Breast tenderness may also be a problem and vomiting. Be aware that neither birth pills for control or emergency contraception such as Plan B protect against STDs or HIV/AIDS.


Plan B One-Step comes in a single tablet that you can take orally. It should be taken according to the directions in the first 7 days (3 days) following a sex that was not protected the failure of birth control to keep you from becoming pregnant. 

The sooner you begin taking it, the more effectively it performs. 

When to consult a doctor

It is not recommended to use Plan B One-Step as a regular birth control pill. It is recommended to talk with an experienced physician if they wish to find out more about routine birth control.

Planned Parenthood also suggests that patients seek advice from a physician in order to confirm the extent to which the plan B is suitable for the person. 

The reason is that levonorgestrel's morning-after pills can not be effective in the case of other medications, such as HIV medications and antiseizure drugs.

How long do I have to take Plan B?

The Plan B is a tablet that can be taken in one dose. The user can use the tablet for up to 72 hours after sexual activity without any barrier technique, but earlier is best.

Ideally, one should opt for the plan B as soon as is possible after having sex , without using contraceptives with barriers or having concerns that their contraception was not working.

How much will Plan B cost?

Prices for Plans B. You can purchase Plan B One-Step for around $150-200 online, and it could be less expensive when you have prescription. Some organizations for sexual health advocacy offer generic or brand-name Plan B at very affordable cost for those without insurance.

It is better to buy the medication from an authorised pharmacy in order to maximize its limited effectiveness over time.

What is the rate of success for Plan B?

The information provided to patients for the plan B stipulates that 7 of the 8 patients who might have become expecting without taking Plan B are not likely to get pregnant. 

One should consult with an obstetrician after taking Plan B to confirm they're not pregnant particularly if the next time they have a period is not due until.

Are you still able to get pregnant with Plan B?

You can fall pregnant following having taken Plan B. According to the manufacturer, seven out of eight women who might have become pregnant won't be pregnant following having taken Plan B.